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Healthy Eating Month: Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Post Limb Loss

Healthy Eating Month: Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Post Limb Loss

Amputation is a big and overwhelming change. You’ll likely have a lot of information to sift through as you try to establish a new normal in your life. Thankfully, you aren’t alone. Nearly 1.8 million Americans have experienced limb loss. One of the acts that can be most helpful in recovery is understanding how to have a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of staying healthy in all areas of your life are going to be monumental. When you are good to your body, it’s able to be good to you.


More than half of the body is made up of water. It helps your body to function in a variety of ways, including circulation and transporting nutrients. A common standard that is simple to remember is to drink eight eight-ounce glasses each day.


Protein is essential to healing. Seek out high protein foods like fish and chicken. Protein helps to repair tissue and fight infection. If you are a vegetarian, there are still many sources of lean protein for you to choose from like legumes and beans.

Limit Sugar

Sugar is no one’s friend, even though we often seek it out the most. It can cause inflammation and make you feel lethargic. Limit your intake of sugar in whatever way you can. If you’re a lover of daily treats, consider swapping it out for your favorite fruit.

Cut Corners

Healthy eating shouldn’t be something you do every now and then, it’s a mindset. Always be looking for opportunities to ditch bad habits and adopt new, healthier ones. For example, if you love soda, consider switching to sparkling water. If you love tacos, make a taco salad. There is almost always a way to make adaptations to your favorite meals and beverages.

Plate Sizing

If you’re looking to cut calories, start with the plates you use. The bigger the plate the more likely it is to be filled. Start with a smaller plate. If you’re still hungry, go back for more. You’re still less likely to eat as much as you would have if you started with a large plate. You may not even feel the need to go back for more!

Seek Leafy Greens

Dark greens like spinach, swiss chard and kale are filled with nutrients and can even aid in slowing the cognitive decline that comes with aging.

Plan Ahead

You’ve probably heard it said that to fail to plan is to plan to fail. Plan a few of your meals ahead each week. Doing this will help to take the temptation of fast food off of the table because you already have a healthy and delicious meal prepared in advance.

Making small changes one at a time will make a difference to your overall health in the long run. We hope that you are able to pick one of our tips to start with this month so you can feel better than you did last month. It’s been said that if you can stick with any change for 30 days, it will become a habit. For more lifestyle tips after limb loss, reach out to us today. We’re excited to help!


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