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Steps Toward Coping With Limb Loss

Person with a leg prosthesis outside.

Posted On: April 20, 2020 by BioAdvance Prosthetic Solutions in: Activity, Care, General, Healthy Lifestyle, Limb Loss, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Sports

The loss of a limb is completely life-altering, both physically and mentally. The new physical challenges you are faced with can easily lead to frustration, depression and unhappiness. Grief in this situation is completely normal, but thankfully there are steps you can take to help cope with limb loss.   Find Community & Remember You’re Not Alone Limb loss survivors, although their stories are all different in many ways, can bond and relate like no other. If you’ve been struggling with the coping of limb loss, getting involved in a community of supporters can be very beneficial. Join a support group or simply reach out to someone going through a similar circumstance. This way, you can discuss the struggles but also motivate and encourage each other on your journeys.   Choose the Right Prosthetic Limb Feeling comfortable and confident in the prosthesis you wear is one way to cope with the physical loss. If you’re feeling self-conscious about

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